Artist's Statement

Barbara Knezevic’s work is primarily object based, finding form as complex stagings and formations of objects that are occasionally foregrounded by photographic works and moving images.  These formations are omnivorous selections of things that act together to call to mind other familiar stagings of objects in the world - such as film sets, photographic shoots, museum displays and retail displays.  In these artwork formations, items are arranged with attention to, though not always respecting museological conventions that make visible the hierarchies of value in material culture.

Her practice concerns itself with the volatile material and interpretive relationships involved in art-making, the language and nature of materials, the codes of display and exhibition, and the ways in which artworks are represented, archived, stored, traded and discussed. Her artworks and formations describe the peculiar human relationship to the things around us that is often typified by our relationship to the art-object; our treatment of matter or ‘things’ as agents, commodities, tools, proxies, artefacts, aloof matter and models for representation.



Backdrop, (from  The Last Thing on Earth ),2016, c-type gloss print, 1524x1016mm, edition of 5

Backdrop, (from The Last Thing on Earth),2016, c-type gloss print, 1524x1016mm,
edition of 5